Robert Stephen,

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Foreword by David Steel

Foreward by David Steel

"... every page brings a new delight... Robert Stephen and Helen Wheaton have undoubtedly added a classic to our Scots literature."

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"The secret of this success is the humour of the verse ... but also the contemporaneity of the language."


"Robert Stephen has an incredible gift of poetry and dialect. It is moving to witness the quality of his work."

Marc Ellington, Towie Barclay Castle

"Modern, interesting and instantly readable ... a book which will be treasured by youngsters and their parents."

Turriff, Ellon and Inverurie Advertiser

"The result is 80 pages of, literally, poetry."

Press and Journal

"Superbly amusing book ... "

Sunday Post

"One of the better additions to Scots language literature ... he has a rare skill in writing down dialogue."

Fraserbugh Herald