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Robert Stephen, Author

Robert Stephen, Author

Books for aabody that loves the scots tongue

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Books for aabdae that loves the scots tongue

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About the Author

Robert Stephen’s love of the sea and all things natural is evident in his poems.

Before graduating M.A. then M.B.Ch.B. at Aberdeen University he was a fisherman, following a family tradition. His work on the North Sea oil rigs as an offshore doctor kept him in contact with his first love: the sea, and also gave him free time at his Buchan croft to write poetry, surrounded by many animals collected by his wife, Elizabeth.

His love of the sea and the natural world is evident in his poems and his life. He has become a fervent supporter of Scottish wildlife, creating pools planting trees and conserving habitats for birds, mammals and native plants at the croft.

“Aesop’s Fables in Scots verse” was his first book, published in 1987 and became a Scottish bestseller.

“In the Beginning”: stories from the Old Testament in Scots verse was his second bible book, published in 1991.

Books on Scots Verse by Robert Stephen

Robert Stephen, Author

Books on Scots Verse by Robert Stephen

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A Wee Taster

Aesops Fables Who will Bell the Cat

Who Will Bell the Cat?

There was a verra sleekit cat
Lived in a country hoose,
Far she feared the livin daylichts
Oot o’ every livin moose.

Fin they crept into the kitchen
She wid hide aneth the stairs,
Then loup oot fae her hidie-hole
An tak them unawares.

An they never heard ‘er comin,
For the lichtness o’ her pass,
Was as silent as the silken soun,
O’ summer rain on grass.

Noo the mice were getting scunnert,
O’ this bloody decimation;
They’d haen mair than they could thole,
O’ her carnage and predation.

So they called a cooncil meetin,
To select a committee,
O’ the learned and sagacious,
Fa wid ken jist fit to dee.

Noah’s Ark

A hale jing-bang o’ animals,
The like ye never saw,
Cam doon the brae towards the ark;
They were marchin twa by twa.

There was sheep and goats and cattle,
And horses, dogs and cats;
There was chimpanzees and camels,
Hedgehogs, buffalos and bats.

There was elephants and tigers,
Giraffes and kangaroos;
There was snakes and bears and lizards,
And mice and pygmy shrews.

There was scorpions and beetles
O’ every shape and size;
Centipedes and horny gollachs
And moths and butterflies.

And every kind o’ animal,
I canna name them aa,
Climbed up the ramp into the ark;
They were marchin twa by twa.

And abeen them flew the birds:
There was budgies, storks and doos;
And linties, larks and sparras,
Eagles, cras and cockatoos.

In the Beginning Noah's Ark

Solomon’s Song

Rise up, my love, my fair one,
And come awa wi me.
The winter rains are ower,
The blossom’s on the tree;

The flooers appear owre aa the earth;
The birds brak into sang,
The murmur o’ the turtle dove
Is heard throughout the land;

The tender vines are fragrant,
The fig is on the tree.
Arise, my love, my fair one,
And come awa wi me.

For Elizabeth